Copyright © 2019 SURUDENISE

Copyright © 2019 SURUDENISE



Denise is a 23 year old freelance illustrator + concept artist, born and raised near Frankfurt, Germany. She spent most of her youth drawing, playing video games and watching movies/anime, which eventually led her to go to art school to pursue a professional career in her passion, focusing mainly on traditional art and art history.

It wasn’t until her first trip to Japan that she discovered her love for architectural designs, nature and nostalgic pastel colours, which eventually led her to take her travel experiences and translate them into her signature digital art, steadily growing her a following online.

She likes to create places and scenes that are sometimes based on real life locations, while changing things to turn them into a dream world. Her main goal is to give the viewers of her art a feeling of warmth, familiarity and dream like nostalgia, even if they have no personal connection to the places she depicts.

Among others, she has been commissioned by Fanta, Sega and Procreate (a multi-award winning painting app made exclusively for iPad) to create unique pieces of art and is looking to do more in the future.

She also works in the video games industry to design and market officially licensed video game merchandise. She is currently in the process of designing her own collection.

Apart from drawing, she also has a huge personal interest in the art of film making, travelling and taking photos on her travels, which go hand in hand with the style of her illustrations and which have also been shared thousands of times.